Frequently Asked Questions

Do you own your fleet?
No, all our trucks are outsourced. However, registered drivers receive a training and go through our verification process before they come on board.

How long have you been in the market?
We started in Oct '16 with home moving and launched our B2B proposition in Jan '17 . We are present in UAE, KSA and Egypt and are adding more countries as we go ahead. We have more than 25 thousand drivers on the platform who have fulfilled over 500 thousand orders across 500+ business clients.

Do your trucks come with driver?
Yes, we only provide trucks with drivers.

Do you provide helpers? How much do you charge?
Yes, charges are AED 100 per helper.

Which types are available?
We have normal trucks starting from 1-ton, 3-ton, 7-10 ton pick ups to 40 ft trailer, curtain side, low bed, 15 meter and 18 meter trailers.

How long do I have to notify you before the loading time?
3 hrs in advance for domestic trips.

What are the payment terms?
30 credit days.

What is the free loading time?
1 hr and a half, extra charges are applied per hour based on the truck type.

How do I pay?
We accept cash, cheque, bank transfer and online card payment.

What is the difference between trip and day rent?
-Trip rate will be based on the distance between the pickup and drop off location.

-Day rate will be based on hiring the truck for 8-9 hrs. Rate will differ if truck is required with or without fuel, and if truck will be used outside Dubai city limits. If extra hours are required, there will be an extra charge per hour based on the truck type.

Do you rent trucks on a monthly basis?
Yes, we do. Based on 9 hrs a day, 6 days a week.

How do I book If I have multiple delivery points?
You can opt for hiring per day.

If trip rates are required, we can also calculate the rate between each pick up and drop off location and give you the total rate for all trips.

Do you provide port/container movements?
Yes, we do loose cargo, import and export container movements.

Which areas do you cover in the UAE?
We cover all the UAE.

Are shipments insured?
Yes, all transactions are covered under a haulier insurance.

How do I track the shipment?
Our trucks are GPS enabled, and you’ll receive an SMS on each update on the truck status.

If you have an account with us, you’ll be able to track your shipment from your dashboard. You’ll also be able to see a full view on your transactions with TruKKer, including past current or future bookings.

Can you give trucks for regular movements with fixed rates based on service agreements/contracts?
Yes, we entertain clients’ requirements at contracted rates based on expected required volume. If volume is unpredictable, we can always deploy trucks at agreeable rates for each incoming inquiry.

Do you do cross border movements?
Yes, we move trucks from UAE to all GCC countries and Jordan.

From our Saudi office, we can also move trucks to UAE.

How many trucks do you have for cross border movements?
4000 trucks.

How long do I have to notify you before the loading time for cross border trips?
24 hrs in advance.

Do you provide custom clearance? How much do you charge for it?
Custom clearance is not a part of our service; however, we can clear the shipment at Sila border. Charges are as per actual receipts.

What is the free time at the border?
48 hrs.

What are the detention charges?
AED 300 per day.

Do you pack and unpack my loose items?
Yes! We pack and unpack everything in both Standard Package and Premium Package.

I will pack my own things, but I need help with the furniture and big items, what package should I go for?
If you just need help with the big items, Super Saver is the package for you! 🙂

I’m not moving any furniture, but can you help with packing my loose items?
Yes! Get in touch with our Customer Care team so they can advise for the best option for you!

Do you reassemble my furniture?
Yes! And we pack them to make sure they don’t get damaged during the move! 😉

Do you fix my curtains, wall-mounted TV, and wall hangings like paintings and mirrors?
Yes! That’s exactly what we offer in the Premium Package - no need to pay for an extra handyman.

Are your trucks covered?
Yes –All our Standard or Premium Packages come with covered trucks and the Super Saver comes with normal open trucks.

How long does it take to finish my move?
Studio	6-8 Hours
1 Bedroom	8-10 Hours
2 Bedroom	10-12 Hours
3 Bedroom	2 Days
4 Bedroom	2 Days
5 Bedroom	3 Days

Does the driver help with the move?
Yes the driver is a working driver when he does not need to attend to truck parking and movements.

How many guys will be there for the move?
Below are the minimum staff deployments to a home moving job.

 	Super Saver	Standard or Premium
Studio	2 Helpers + 1 Installer	2 Helpers + 1 Installer
1 Bedroom	2 Helpers + 1 Installer	3 Helpers + 1 Installer
2 Bedroom	5 Helpers + 1 Installer	7 Helpers + 1 Installer
3 Bedroom	6 Helpers + 2 Installers	7 Helpers + 2 Installers
4 Bedroom	8 Helpers + 2 Installers	10 Helpers + 2 Installers
5 Bedroom	10 Helpers +2 Installers	13 Helpers +2 Installers

I want to pack my loose items, but can you provide the boxes?
Yes, we can deliver up to 5 medium boxes to our standard and premium users in advance of the move day. Addiotional boxes can be purchased based on below rates and delivery charges of AED 45:

Medium Boxes       – 45x45x45 cms          – AED 6 per box

Large Boxes       – 45x45x70 cms          – AED 8 per box

No delivery charges will be imposed for standard and premium jobs if additional boxes delivered along with scheduled box delivery.

I am moving within the same building, do I need trucks?
Often when clients are moving within the same building, they do not need trucks but sometimes longer dragging distances make use of trucks necessary. Customer Care can confirm this for you.

I am moving within the same area, do I get discounts?
There are usually no discounts for moving within the same area cause your moving crew still has to work as hard and as long.

Tell Me About Operations & Safety

Do you have a valid trade license?
Yes! We can share it with you upon request. You might need it for your permit application.

What is the role of a Job Captain?
A job captain is a supervisor, a leader of the team who manages and coordinated the helpers and installers and can be one of the installers and helpers or the driver as well.

What is a Remote Job Captain?
For super saver jobs, the job captain is remove and not present on the job site. Since the crew does not pack or unpack any personal contents like display items, wardrobe contents, kitchen contents - on site supervision is not necessary as the work is the usual uninstalltion and installation works along with usual furniture packing.

What is a Shared Job Captain?
For Standard jobs, the supervisor is visits the job site during the works to check quality and speed. He is also working for more projects and is managing different teams on different job sites.

What is a Dedicated Job Captain?
A Dedicated Job Captain stays on the job site through out the move and to manage all Premium jobs.

Have your guys undergone any training?
Yes, they have undergone intensive manual handling and safety training. We also make sure they are well-documented and have the right paper work required as per local regulations.

What are the Communications skills of your crew?
The super saver and standard home moving crew work well with each other and have completed multiple jobs together so have good team skills. The communications skills with the customer are basic and they can take basic instructions. For any specific requests or out of scope work, please reach out to TruKKer Customer Care. Premium jobs come with a dedicated Job Captain and can discuss any specific customer needs.

Are your trucks insured?

What are the truck types used for the moves?
All trucks are Covered trucks for Premium and Standard jobs. For Super Saver, you might get the normal uncovered trucks sometimes.

Can you insure my goods?
Yes - if you book for Premium Package, which is insurable. You can get in touch with our Customer Care team for more details.

What if my things get damaged?
The moving teams are extremely cautious with your items and home contents. Howevever, at a rare occasion when something is damaged, we coordinate with the teams for rectification or replacement as reasonable.

What time do you start packing?
You can book for 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM. If you are moving a Studio Unit, you can also book for 2:00 PM.

Can you start the move in the afternoon?
We can try! Help us and always check in advance with your building/community security if they allow move-ins for later in the day. Most communities in UAE do not allow late move-ins and have time restrictions on use of installation or wall drilling tools that can be noisy and inconvenient to your neighbours.

What type of packaging materials do you use?
We use blankets, stretch film, corrugated sheets, edge protectors, bubble wraps for your fragile items, tapes, and TruKKer-branded boxes.

Do your guys wear uniform?
Yes! You’ll see them wearing the TruKKer bright-orange collars and black t-shirts.

Do you connect my washing machine and my fridge?

Do you bring your own tools to dismantle the furniture?

My couch won’t fit in the lift, would there be additional charges?
If you are moving 2 floors up or 2 floors down, then our guys would be more than happy to carry it for you! Any additional floors for manual move will require additional labor allowance and charges that can be confirmed by Customer Care.

My building doesn’t have a lift, does the price change?
Yes, we would need more muscle for the move so there will be additional labor charges to support manual movement of your home contents. Rates can be confirmed by Customer Care based on the quantum of your home contents.

I have kids, Is it okay to have my kids around during the move?
A word of caution: big items will be carried around.

Please Tell me More about the Quote

How do you provide the instant quotes?
We have system-generated quotes that calculates the moving distance, estimated number of trucks, helpers, and installers.

Does the quotation change if I’m moving to another emirate?
Good question! It will - if the distance is more than 40 kms. TIP: enter an accurate location so the system generates the best rates!

Don’t you have to do a survey?
We know you’re very busy! So we’ve created an online CBM calculator with the list of home contents - and you just have to click and submit at your convenience. You can also send us photos! Following your order confirmation, a link to the survey is provided at the confirmation page and also resent along with the confirmation email.

I have a big house, I strongly request you do survey, can you do it?
Yes! We’ll be more than happy to do that! We want you to be confident with the quotation offer you. 🙂

I am moving less stuff, will the quotation change?
It can! Tell us more about your contents through the CBM link. 🙂

I have more stuff and I might need to hire an extra truck, will my quotation change?
It might - depending on your moving distance. Tell us more about your contents through the CBM link. 🙂

Are there hidden charges or additional costs?
No hidden charges for sure! If there would be additional costs, we will tell you ahead of time. We’re friends, no secrets.

Do you offer discounts?
Good question! These things can come into play: distance and volume of your contents. If you have very less contents compared to standards of your move out unit size or are moving within the same building, we can offer lower rates. We also feel extra generous on holidays!

I work for Company XYZ, do I get special discounts?
We are signed up with a bunch of corporate clients across the country! Your organization might be one of them, you can check with our Customer Care team.

What is the Booking Process?

Can I pay online?
Yes! But if you go for Super Saver, the only payment option available is online.

Can I reschedule?
Yes! But if you go for Super Saver, the only payment option available is online.

Are there cancellation charges?
Yes! But if you go for Super Saver, the only payment option available is online.
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